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Backed by skilled handyman and an unparalleled dedication to quality and longevity, A1 Infinity Construction is your number one choice for quality roofing, gutters, masonry work and other related services. Our commitment to quality customer service and client satisfaction is equal to our determination that every project be completed to perfection. We are proud of the work we do and of the services we offer and it shows on the faces of our many happy customers. Please feel free to browse the rest of this site for a better idea of the craftsmanship and artistry that we strive to bring to every project.

Services We Offer

Roofing Services

We offer top quality roofing services, including roofing replacement and repair services. Regardless of which kind of roof you need or where you are at with your insurance claim, we provide the highest-quality of materials, workmanship, customer service and insurance claims experience. All of our contractors are certified, licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We follow a detailed project flow on all projects to ensure that when finished you will be completely satisfied of your project. We install many products that will ensure the beauty of your home is unmatched and weather-tight. All roofs are installed to our exacting standards, which exceed city and county code requirements, ensuring a worry free roof for years to come.

Roof Repair

At A1 Infinity Construction, we are committed to your well-functioning roof. We know what it takes to complete your roof repair in Haledon, NJ. Our tradesmen are skilled and experienced, bringing you roofing services at prices you can afford. When it comes to your roof in Haledon, NJ, there are some common problems that could occur and require roofing repair. Some are the result of a small leak or the weather and others from improper workmanship.

Re-roofing & Replacement Service

If you’re looking for a roofer you can trust in Haledon, NJ, you have come to the right place. At A1 Infinity Construction, we make it our priority to complete your roofing replacement with high-quality materials and service. Your roof protects everything underneath it. With damage or weathering, it can’t properly do its job. This could mean a loss in your investment.


Keep your home safe from water damage with A1 Infinity Construction of Haledon, NJ. We also repair and installs gutters. A properly functioning gutter system is an important investment for your home. An under-performing or improperly installed gutter protection can result in very costly damages to landscaping and even corrosion and erosion of your home’s foundation.

Masonry Services

A1 Infinity Construction is proud to offer a wide variety of masonry services to clients in Haledon, NJ area. We can assist you with the construction, repair or restoration of virtually any structure made out of brick, block, stone or concrete. Whether it’s decorative or integral, just give us a call, tell us what you need and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

Masonry Repairs

As time goes on, stone and brick will eventually start to degrade. In the event that your property’s masonry has begun to show signs of wear, don’t panic. Just give A1 Infinity Construction a call and we’ll be glad to fix it up for you.

Chimney Repair

One of A1 Infinity Construction’s most requested services; involves repairing, or rebuilding, of chimneys throughout Haledon, NJ. Masonry repairs to chimneys include: replacing individually shaled or spalling bricks; grinding out deficient mortar joints, and neatly re-tooling new mortar into the affected joints. A specialty of Trademark Masonry Inc. is the ability to closely match existing mortar colours.

Brick & Stone Pointing

Over time, mortar joints holding together indoor and outdoor stonework can fail, allowing moisture to seep through and accelerate damage. Consider our stone restoration services, for example, repointing mortar joints to prevent compromising structural integrity and appearance. Each of our masons have years experience so you can trust the job will come out right. Winter is a great time to repoint a stone basement foundation, keeping heat in and moisture out, especially before heavy Spring rains.

Stone Works

Your home: set in stone. Indoor and outdoor stone masonry accentuates your home and garden. We consider our stonework an art, handcrafted to the style of your choosing. Cracks, replacements, and repairs of indoor stonework are handled with care, maintaining the original integrity of the work. A1 Infinity Construction can help you with any stone work service you need.

No matter the size of your project, we do it all! Not only do we make sure to order the highest quality of materials, but we also ensure that your repair, removal, or installation gets done without a hitch. We have the best equipment, team, and resources to provide you with an amazing final result, every time.

Whether you need a reliable company to install gutters or repair/replace your roof, we will make sure to fix the problem and get the job done quickly. Without getting in the way, we are able to quickly provide the necessary services at the most affordable prices possible. Save yourself time and money and call A1 Infinity Construction today!

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